What I eat in a day

Hi hi friends!!! I get so many people telling me, " I really want to stop eating meat or lower my dairy intake, I just don't know what to eat!" Look no further!! Here is an entire what I eat in a day!

Breakfast: Pancakes

Yes yes, I still love my pancakes and get this, they're like, 2 ingredients, what!

- One banana

-one whole egg

- one egg white

----( to make this meal completely vegan you can replace this with justegg , or flax seeds!)

- 1/4 cup oatmeal

- 1/4 cup almond milk

I add all these to the blender and then pour the mixture into a heated pan and cook just like pancakes!! I serve mine with blue berries, ugh so good!!!

Lunch: quinoa bowl

- 1/2 cup quinoa

- roasted sweet potaoes

- roasted brocolli

- chick pea's

- mushrooms


- 2 table spoons greek yogurt

- 1/2 teaspoon sirracha

- a dash of soy sauce

- one slice of squeezed lime

mix mix mix and enjoy !


Today I just had a simple fiber one brownie, but I usually will have a protein bar or a big bowl of fruit. I also love carrots and mustard... don't know it until you try it, seriously!!! I love veggies so if I have any I will have some of those! Usually between lunch and dinner!

Dinner : Spaghetti and ~meatless~ balls

simple and easy here!

just boil some noodles, the chickpea protein ones are delic! I use the gardein meatballs with some pasta sauce and bam! A whole dinner!

Sometimes if I am feeling a little wild I will make a protein cake in a mug, or have a bowl of jello and whip cream, haha its good!!!

That's all for today friends! If you ever have questions about a meatless diet please feel free to reach out!!!