Updated Fav tanning products

Hi friends! It has been a minute since I sat down and chatted with you guys about tanning! I mean, please, who doesn't LOVE a good tan? While I am a sucker for laying out in the sun all day, I LATHER my body in sunscreen all..day..long. I mean, I follow Whitneys advice, "You get one skin to live in." It really is true! We can damage our hair and nails but not our skin. Having been in Esthetic school I also really learned the harmful effect UVB can do to the skin so all that tan stuff kinda scares me.. So that being said, I went on a serious hunt for a serious great sunless tan. I have. only found really one fake tan product I didn't love, found tons I liked and just yesterday found one I LOVE!!

We all know St. Tropez thats like way to much money. Like thats a Fab Fit Fun subscription. ( Which if you are not subscribed to there seasonally boxes.. you need to. Trust me I get it, $50 SOUNDS like a lot, but it hardly is compared to all the amazing products you receive inside! Would you guys be interested if my next blog was about my FFF box!? )

Any who, St. Tropez has a baby brand called St. Mortiz and whoaaa baby you will love this! I actually have tried St. Tropez after hearing every single person brag about it when it was on major sale at TJ Max and it was great, but so is this St. Mortiz... now are you ready to hear how freaking affordable this product is!! $12... YEP a whoopin' twelve dollars!

Last Night I applied this before bed and it dried fast, did not rub off onto my clothes or sheets, developed beautifully, AND here is the best part, It lasted through my entire one hour cardio workout. Does that even EVER happen??? Has not ever happened for me sis!

I found this at of course my fav store, Ulta when my sis and I went to run and grab all the makeup before we can't leave anymore and I am so glad I just went for a small stroll down the tan isle!


1. shower really well, exfoliate and shave.

2. I recently have been dry brushing but this step is not crucial

3. ALWAYS use a mitt, however, on TikTok and one of my good friends recently suggested using latex gloves... if you try let me know! I have to use them for my job/ school so I didn't want to run out now that they are sacred. I just stuck to my normal tanning mitt!

4. Apply like 2-3 pumps onto to your mitt and lather all over your body in circular motions!

5. ( Grab your bestie to help get your back! Hehe)

Thats all! Nothing crazy and super easy! I do not know if I should recommend this because I am an esthetician and body tanning products are DEF comedogenic BUT, will grab my facial moisturizer and pump the smallest amount and mix into a little mixture and that is how I will tan my face. Do not tell anyone you heard that from me LOL!