The Best Beauty Blender With Beakey Beauty

Here we go again with my love for make up! I have actually been trying out so many brands of foundation lately. From name brand $40-$60, to drug store $8.  While I will say that the drug store is way more affordable, I HATE the way my make up looks with it. UGH! The struggle of being a girl sometimes am I right! I want to try out new lip sticks / glosses so if that is something that you would be interested in for next Monday's Make up Monday blog post let me know!  

Beauty Blenders are everything when It comes to the butter skin of foundation. It is also so important to wet your beauty blender before you apply your make up which I was surprised that not everyone knew that!! 

With these beauty blenders when they are soaked before use, they expand to twice their size. Making the application process so smooth. 

These Beakey Blender beauty blenders are the holy grail when it comes to that gorgeous setting look! 

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