Summer Must- Haves

With summer being here, that means that the Summer necessities are in full swing.. I have rounded up a couple items that I know I will not be leaving far from me.

To jump right into the serious stuff, protecting your skin is important

1. Sunscreen:

With the skin problems that come with being so fair skinned, means having all the best sunscreen products. I recently have loved two amazing brands. The Neutrogena sunscreen comes in many different SPF's. To look into that brand, just click on the words, or click here.

I also love the Sunbum... basically everything. The chapstick was great especially when I was Lifeguarding because it has SPF in it, but they also have sunscreen

2. Fun summer bag

summer is the best time to have all the cute, unique bags, and pair it whith all the fun colors! I love this bag and an si excited to pair with summer dresses and take out on date nights!

3. All the accessories

You name it, fun earrings, kimono's, colorful bracelets. All the things I am ready to have this summer. I am currently loving pairing my outfits with adorable earrings. Amazon has some amazing earrings right now & Kimonos are so in. Some of my Fashion Blogger friends have found some of the cutest ones.

4. Good water bottle

Being hydrated if SO crucial, especially one, In Colorado, two, in the heat! Click here to read all about why you should stay hydrated. I love my Hydroflask, keeps my water cold for hours and is so great if you spend a lot of time outside!

5. Swimmies

No matter what, a cute swim suit is so crucial to having a fun summer! If you are into online shopping, Amazon has some of the cutest swimmers right now that I definitely recommend trying. Target also has great suits, along with Nordstrom.