Best Products to Curl your Hair

When it comes to my hair, how it curl it is often my most asked question, next to do I wear extensions. (haha I wish, then I can take them out when I was feeling like having a short hair day! Is that how they work?) I have loved curling my hair for my entire life, and after all the comments on how I do, I am finally here to share my secrets.

Products I recommend

For one, I always will recommend that you use a heating protectant on your hair to begin with. Never put any heat in any form on your hair without using a heat protectant. You can buy these at almost any store and they are so crucial

I also always use a good base on my hair to give it some volume, an alternative to this is using dry shampoo even when its just the day you washed you hair.

To curl my hair I use the Lange Curling Wand. I could go on and on about this brand and all the products but the best quality I have found is how well it does curl my hair. I can go days without touching it up, I think what makes a massive difference is also my dry shampoo that inevitably brings my hair back to life.


The longer that you hold your curl the tighter it will be. I hold my curls for about 5-8 seconds for the flow effect I have on my daily basis.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. I personally separate my hair into two sections for the best results! So I do a lower half, and an upper half.

  2. Wrap a small amount of hair around the barrel leaving about two inches the bottom

  3. Hold for 5-8 Seconds

  4. Let the curl fall, I see a lot of girls hold the curl in their hand while it cools, not my preference but you do what you think looks best!

  5. Once I am all done, I brush through every curl, if your hair doesn't not hold curls very well skip this step.. My hair just looks like I am about to go to a pageant show! haha