Current work - out favs with Pulse 8

Hello hello friends!

Been so long.

I wanted to share this cool new little gadget I’ve been using after dance and yoga classes and it is heavenly!

Seriously nothing is worse then sore muscles and not being able to walk down the stairs for the rest of the week!!

I recently partnered with massage gun 5 and let me tell you, if you workout and hate the after work out soreness, you need this little gadget!!

Something I love about this product is the detachable parts, this makes it easier to isolate the muscle !

I have also been obsessed with doing all my work- outs on my new MySolMat and I can not praise and say enough amazing things about this!

These two products have been my favvvvv when it comes to exercising lately ! Let me know if you give either of them a shot!

Hopefully I'll be back soon.

Xx Morgan