Getting ready for summer X Hey Girl

Hey girl(s)!! I am so happy to be back on my grind and the sweet response from JORD I knew you were gonna love it, but I KNOW you are going to love what I have in store you guys next!!!! Stick around until the end of the blog for some exciting news!! ( Its a giveaway!!!)

I wanted to take you guys along with me through my Hey Girl tea experience, but before we get started, let me break it down for you.

I generally live a very healthy lifestyle. I always am very conscious of what I eat and having lot of food allergies really makes sure of that too! Things like fruits and veggies makes up a majority of it! BUT I do have an intolerance to dairy and am a huge lover of pizza, so totally understand the bloating struggle.

I received two different teas from hey Girl. The Hey Girl Cleanse which helps a lot with water weight! It's so great to use for post trips when diet rationing goes out the window! Helping my body get back on the right healthy track.

The second items was the Hey Girl Energizer tea intended to be used in the morning or in the afternoon. Using natural plants for caffeine.


You know when you can't eat cheese but you love pizza and suddenly you look a little prego ( I mean if you can eat diary with no issues, I envy you so dont brag... lol) But Hey Girl is there to save your day! Helping with bloating by sipping on a cup of tea before bedtime! Helping your body get back and be more regular with a laxative called Senna. It's great at boosting your metabolism. Removes toxins to help you have that healthy feeling again, aids in digestions, and helps with weight control!

And heres the best part, they are 100% money back guarantee so why not try? If you hate it, let them know what they can do to improve - but I promise you wont hate it!!

They are totally plant bases which I love!

Heres another bonus, the reviews are GREAT! I even reached out to a close friend who is super


This product is the coolest. Using natural caffeine which does not encourage all the jitters and anxiety caffeine from coffee brings. This product is used in the mornings for the perfect start to your day in the afternoon for a little 3:00 pick me up!

I will be totally honest with you guys, I have always been a huge fan of seriously sweet tea. Not like actual sweet tea but hot tea with honey and almost gagged anytime I sipped tea with no sweeter. I was SHOCKED to find how delicious this tea was and so not bitter not having any sweetener in it. I pre-made it and sipped on it all through my hike with my sister and it was FAB!!

Another beautiful feature with Hey Girl is how easily it can slip into any bag and sip on the go!


Ready to enter for a chance to win one free item from Hey Girl!? The entry is easy!

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3. Make sure are following me and @heygirltea

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Thats it, super simple!! I am so excited for one of you to try it out!!