Whitening Coffee Stains

Hello Hello!!!!!

Good-morning my November, friends!! I can not believe that it is already November! Anybody else feel like October basically just came for a quick, “hey” and left? She did not want to hang out!!

You guys know that self care is one of my favorite things!! I genuinely get so excited to go home and just relax! Take a bath, do a mask, and recently whiten my teeth!!

As many of you know, I recently have become a huge avid tea drinker and always been a big coffee lover! This has also left some stains of my teeth..

During October I really prioritized me! I am quickly learning that the only way to succeed in a busy schedule and busy day is by making sure you are keeping yourself a priority!! Back in September I was spreading myself so thin I got super sick my body was like hey, you are resting!!!!

Apart of my updated self care routine was making sure my dental hygiene was as important as the rest of my routines. I spend a couple hours each day making sure my smile was ready for the holiday season, and keeping me confident during business meetings, blog pictures, and just my everyday conversations!! Do not let the couple hours scare you off; you still can go on about your everyday life without having to make time to have a gorgeous smile!

I did my whitening while writing my blog posts, responding to emails, after dinner while I was taking a bath, I even wore them to work a couple times!! They are so effortlessly easy, take no time to apply, and fit right into my everyday schedule!

A Step by Step process on my “Self Care Whitening Night!!!!”

I loved the idea that I could spend time whitening my teeth while doing other things like going to work or running to the grocery store.

The whitening process was so easy and I want to make sure you are excited about self care as I am! So pause your reading, go grab some white cheddar popcorn or a warm cup of tea, and let's continue!

The whole process is so unique to you and your teeth! You do your own impressions, and then get sent your own unique set that fits comfortably on your teeth. Do not worry if you have sensitive teeth, something really special about smile brilliant is they understand that usually happens during the teeth whitening process and sends you desensitizer gel to help ease of the whitening process! I created a little video that I hope helps you out a little!! Below you will see my before (September 5th picture) and my after (November 5th) The difference makes me so excited!!!

Something I really loved about my experience so far, and incorporating this into my self care nightly routine, is that the results are super quick to see! I notice a difference in my teeth every time!! Those tea and coffee stains quickly vanished and the results have been amazing!!

I am so excited to share with you guys that Smile Brilliant and I have teamed up to gift one lucky winner a FREE Smile Brilliant whitening kit!

In this kit you will get

-The impression treys to customize your kit to your teeth / mouth

-The Desensitizing gel / whitening gel packs

This retails at $149!

Here is how to Enter:

Follow this link: www.smilebrilliant.com/g/missmorganpappas

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I have loved my experience with Smile Brilliant and I am so excited for you guys to enjoy this new addition to your self care routine.

Have more questions, that's okay, I had a LOT when starting out, click here and it will take you to the post I did that answered all the questions you have!!