Q+A with Smile Brilliant

You guys!!! The time has come and one lucky winner is going to be getting a FREE WHITENING KIT!!

Can you tell I am so excited for that winner!!! You guys, the results are actually really great! I had coffee stains on my two front teeth and since using Smile Brilliant they are all gone!!!!

~A couple days ago I asked you guys on my Instagram Story to ask me your questions about Smile Brilliant, here are the most asked questions!! Have a question that wasn't answered here? No problem! All my contact info in below! ~

How long does it take to see results?

With my experience, immediately! After each whitening you will see the streaks on your teeth, they only last a little and with every whitening treatment, they get better and better!

Do they fit exactly to your teeth or are they just trays?

This is actually such a great question! Something so super unique about smile brilliant is that when you order the kit, in your delivery package you will receive a molding kit. Two clays that you will make into one and put into the blue trays to make an impression on your teeth. You will send this back to Smile Brilliant and they make custom sets of your molds that you sent them to fit comfortably to your teeth!

Is this the best teeth whitener you've used?

By far yes, and I am not just saying that. For a a little bit I was not seeing the results I wanted, but I kept on going and started to notice the coffee stains that were on my teeth are gone and it makes me so happy! My family, including my brother on Facetime and my boyfriend notice a difference! I constantly and getting compliments on my pictures and with customers at work! I also love that they take care of your dental health and understand that the enamel is usually stripped, so they provide a desensitizer gel that helps with those sensitive teeth!

How long does the whole process normally take?

Well this depends and I think it is different for each person! I started seeing results immediately, but the best results where it started to pull the stains were at week four!

How many whitening gel come in the kit?

Thats a great question too! The kit comes with 3 whitening gels, BUT you will not use one syringe per whitening. To give you an example I whitened everyday and it took me 3 weeks to go through one syringe.

How long can you wear them?

You can wear them for 45 minutes, up to 3 hours. If you wear them any longer you will have increase to sensitivity.

Do the results fade?

No! Something so fun about SB is that they dig beyond the surface to lift stains!

Can everyone use it?

Something so special about SB is that they are custom made to your teeth and fit! So YES! everything about this process is customed to you, even your teeth sensitivity!

Are they trey based? If so, do you have to mold the trays yourself?

They are and yes. When you receive your original order you will receive 6 clays (3 of each type) and have extremely detailed instructions on how to effectively mold these. You will send your impressions back to SB and they create your customizes treys!

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