Monday Motivation

Good morning, friends!! With the holidays and "Busy Season" just around the corner (at least for my household) I wanted to share some of the things we do to stay super organized and prepared or our week. I hate being rushed and the feeling of not being prepared, it gives me so much anxiety!! Let me know if you find these tips helpful!

Meal Prepping

I actually wanted to write out a whole blog post about the meals that my family makes on a weekly basis to stay prepared in our household, so tell me if that is something you would be interested in seeing! A must have in my household is prepped egg breakfast burritos! These delicious burritos are 1. sugar filling to have in the morning, and also take no more than 20 minutes to make a batch. Having these pre-made, allows me to have a couple more minutes in the morning to make some coffee, or make sure my bags for the day are all packed!

Having our days start at 6am and ending around 7pm some nights, it is crucial to have those healthy meals in the fridge and ready to go!

in our breakfast burritos we scramble up about 2 eggs per tortilla (based on how many we are making... you never want to waste) in a pan. Lay out the foil on the counter and top with a tortilla. Once the eggs are cooked i then top my tortilla with eggs, dairy free cheese, cooked diced potatoes, and bacon or sausage, whatever I have in the fridge! mHm! So delicious! I also add in the to- go cups salsa so i can just bake it up and at work the deliciousness is ready to go!

Staying Organized

For me, staying organized is the key to having a good week! I find that when I write down my schedule and then things I want to get done makes me feel a lot better about the week! I get overwhelmed so so easy and know that if I start my week overwhelmed we are doomed!

I stay organized and ahead of schedule but using a couple different things! I use FamCal with Ryan so we know each others days while we are in a long distance relationship ! I love this app because it allows us to each impute what our days look like, color coding each schedule! That way if I have a super busy morning and I am already on the go before Ryan wakes up, I can see if he has a flight that day and wish him luck before I get going and away from my phone the rest of the day! I highly recommend this app to friends, families, LD couples! It is super great!

I also type up my personal schedule using to get a hard look at what my days look like! Jumping between two part time jobs, and three social accounts it can get a little crazy keeping up with myself! I use this to know the hours I am supposed to be at a place, while also seeing where I am free to get some blog stuff done!

Lastly I use my google calendar to have on my phone. That way if someone asks me what I am doing a certain day I do not have to respond with " I will have to check" I can just take a quick glance at what my day looks like!

Of course I still live and breath by my Day Designer, use that daily, but it now stays at home and props up on my desk so I can see my month while I am getting work done!

Drink More!

If you can't tell from all my posts lately, tea and I have been having a moment. So much so that I am starting to pack it up in my lunch to go in the mornings! I am OBSESSED with this citrus tea, you guys do not even understand. So being the human that I am, I decided to do some google searches to see the benefits of having herbal tea and there they are!

- Reduces Inflammation

- Aids in Anti- Aging

- Relieves Stress and Anxiety (HELLO friends)

- Lowers Blood Pressure

- Is great for skin

- Boosts your immune system ( hello child watch)

If those great reasons were not enough to convince you the reasons you should be drinking Herbal Tea we need to chat! You guys know my favorite tea has been the Herbal Citrus, so I will link that here for you guys!

Not only tea, I challenge you to try to drink as much water as you can this week! I find that I drink more water when I am carrying my Hydro Flask that keeps the water cold for SOO long!! I definitely recommend that if you are struggling with your intake, invest in a hydro!!!!

Thats all for today friends! let me know how you stay prepared for a super busy week!


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