Tackling the Fall Cold

Happy October 3rd my Mean Girl friends!!!

As many of you have been following along, I have come down with quiet the cold! Going on week two of this sickness and while I have been trying to avoid it and finding other content to share, I figured there is no way I am the only sick person right now! According to my local clinic every one in town is ill! I can understand that!

I have been glued to re-runs of Nashville, {SPOILER:} is Juliette's baby in the show her baby in real life???? I read that they made her character on the show pregnant when she got pregnant in real life!

Also inseparable with my heating pad. This dang sinus pressure is crazy!

I have been doing all the research under sun! I am going to share my favorite sick day tea, soup, and medicine that seems to work for me!

Tonight for dinner we had chili ~ I read spicy foods help relieve sinus pressure so tonight I was willing to try anything!

My moms chili is so delicious and nothing beats it on cold, rainy days like today!

This is the link to a delicious chili! https://www.momontimeout.com/crockpot-chili-recipe/(my mom didn't want to give me her recipe ;) )

My sweet, sweet friend, Ashley whom you guys saw on my stories a couple days back, brought me the sweetest little care package with muffins, tea, soup, and juice! (Everyone deserves an Ashley)

Anyway, she did introduce me to the most delicious tea that I could not keep from you guys! This tea is so soothing.

Now regarding the good ole' meds, I have tried three different types in the duration of this ickiness.

Ryan swears by the Advil cold / flu - when I went to the doctor she said that was not strong enough. I will say that if you have a little ~ functioning~ head cold, this stuff is great! I always get sick after the tournaments in cold rinks, and this does help during those times that I am able to continue work and school!

Day quill/ Nyqiull - trying to catch some sleep? THIS is the stuff for you!

Now I am on two antibiotics and finally feeling some relief. Huge thanks to my heating pad and hot, hot baths!

a huge helping factor in any sickness is having a humidifier! Ryan puts essential oils in there when he is sick, I think you can also just use the actual... essential oil diffuser but, to each their own.. ;)

which bring me into my last point! Essential oil! I actually have a friend who had recommend Emergence C essential oils! I did not have the chance to try this one, but I did want to let you guys know! If you do decide to try it out, let me know! I can also get you in-connection with a couple gals who sell this!

Well friends, let me know how you survived your sick days!!

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