Monday Habits

I recently read a blog post by about habits every successful person does ever Monday and it inspired me to share my Monday habits!

If you have been following my blog for a little, you know that I am a huge lover of anything fresh. Fresh week, fresh month and even a fresh morning. Something about just starting new motivates and inspires me. Today I wanted to share 5 habits I do every Monday to prepare for the week!

1. Clean laundry and sheets

This one falls between Sunday / Monday. I love starting the week with fresh sheets and of course clean clothes!

2. Make a daily schedule

You guys know how big of a planned person I am. I like to always have a to do list and love knowing what the next move is. I know it isnt always realistic but setting daily goals / tasks for yourself can be so crucial to getting your big things done. For instence if I know I want to write a blog post, I will write down to start brain storming what my mood for the week is!

3. Food for Fuel

I feel like our society is so quick to stop eating to keep that perfect figure when really, food is what will help that more. I got really motivated to learn more about food and how it effects our bodies back when I took Nutrition my freshman year of college. Food is crucial! Start your week off right with drinking enough water, and feeding your body the foods it needs to function on the bust lifestyle we know you have.

4. Get an early start

When I was in high school I read that people who start their days earlier were some of the worlds most successful people. Weather it is true of not, I have always had that in the back of my mind! So especially on Mondays, I allow myself to sleep until I wake up, but then I get my day started! Its sets the mood for my week of getting up and going after my weekly goals.

5. Catch up on emails.

Ever since I started taking my blog more serious, I see it paying off and am realizing why adults stress over emails. Haha! Taking the time on Monday to catch up on emails, respond back to brands, and that usually create my do to list itself. Starting my Monday this way has set my "Get after it" mood for the week that I love!

Whats your favorite Monday routine?

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