My Favorite Sojos Sunnies + Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Hello friends! Who else thinks of a whole outfit when they see a pair of sunglasses? Haha, I always am on Amazon and think, ah these would look so cute with that Tee Shirt Dress! I recently got so inspired with all the fall ideas and found the most adorable sunglasses to pair along with them.

If you have been following along with me on my Instagram, Sojo is so sweet and has been partnering with me for about 5 months now and I truly, from the bottom of my heart believe these sunglasses are so good. The quality is amazing and they last a long time!!

In this post I am going to break down 3 of my favorite sunglasses I own from them, and the best Blue Light Blocking glasses ever!

I want to start with this pair because I am truly blown away! I was always so skeptical of blue light blocking glasses. I have blue light blocking contact, but I was always still in pain after looking at a computer! Being a blogger I sped a great deal of time on my phone and on my computer. Finding sales, writing posts, engaging with you guys! I was crawling to take out my contacts by the end of the day. I was not too public with this on my Instagram when i got them because I wanted to get a true review... these WORK!!! I love them and can not recommend them enough!

I am a sunglass gal through and through. Ryan used to get irritated with how often I was buying and sunglasses! These are an end game pair! SOO so flattering and honestly so easy to pair with every outfit! Weather its a quick trip to the store, drive to the airport, or night out with the girls, this is the pair for you!!

When I saw this pair, it was an immediate add to cart moment! These gave me all the fall vibes!!

Whats your favorite pair?

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