Sunday Beauty Favorites + Routine Checklist

Happy Sunday friends! How are you spending your day? We are just getting some cleaning done and have a meeting with my school this afternoon. Sundays are my favorite for getting a good routine going for the next week. I love being productive and checking everything off my list for my weekly and daily activities. I have attached my daily checklist below for you to print and follow along with too! I have noticed ever since putting myself into a routine I feel so much better. When that routine is broken I get in such a funk! UGH!!

Enough about my routine, what I really came here for was to introduce you to my a few of my favorite beauty products I am so loving lately. Be sure to leave your recommendations below for your favorite beauty care!!

1. Rose water Make up Wipes.

Make up wipes are such a hit or miss with people. I love them because it does such a good job of getting all my eye makeup off, without smearing it all over my face. I always be sure to wash my face right after to remove any of that residue, but I love them! They are so easy to travel with too. Neutrogena actually released travel sized make up removing wipes so those are an absolute must!!!

2. Estee Lauder night moisturizer

As I have grown up, I realize applying lotion on your skin at night is so much more important than I ever realized. We are giving our skin an 8-10 hour break from make up so use this time to revitalize our skin! It is so important to keep our skin healthy with night masks and great evening moisturizers

3. Freeman Clay Mask

MAN, LOVE THIS STUFF!!! It has a scrub in the solution also so it totally is two in one almost... right? It has a apple smell to it, so if you can get past that, this stuff is great! I apply it 3-4 times a week, so so good!

4. Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Neutrogena does not come out with a single bad product, I swear! I have noticed since being back in Colorado my skin has been really dry and oddly enough my eyes are the first to start cracking (I know weird shhh). It's always is so hard for me to find the cleanser that responds well to my skin while also not hurting it. I cant say enough great things about this cleanser!

5. Vanity Planet Forever Young Wand

Tired of hearing about this product? I seriously will never stop with it! It is AMAZING. I won't rant about it because thats in all the other blogs, but I can not say enough amazing things about this tool and how helpful it is. It also is so easy to travel with!! (THIS IS ON MAJOR SALE TODAY!!!!)

Whats your favorite beauty product??

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