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Recently, like in the last year, I started doing a lot of traveling and it’s only just beginning. Ryan moved to Arizona, so I would travel to see him. Then I decided to move there this summer, so I started traveling home, Shortly after, my brother moved for hockey. Plus I take trips with my mom, So I have been a busy traveling bee! Over the course of traveling I’ve racked up a couple travel tips I just have to share with you.

Traveling can be such a stressful time... if you let it be! I’ve attached a printable download you can have for your next trip to make sure you have all the goodies you need! Organized in categories from tops, bottoms, swimmies and all the other miscellaneous items we never realize we use everyday, like that dang phone charger, that somehow manages to get stuck right by our bed and we don’t even realize until take off. ARG!! Well stress less & travel more with not only my 5 biggest travel tips, but also my printable packing check list.

Diniwell Travel Is one of the biggest suggestions I have that deserves it's own paragraph because... it's just so dang good!!! My new make up bag is from Amazon and this I swear, it's actually Mary Poppin's bag! It..Never.Ends!!! This bag is waterproof and extremely easy to clean, making traveling more stress free! Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination and seeing that your foundation and powder decided to meet up under your plane. The plethora of compartments make packing even easier having all your necessities fit comfortably in one bag.

Travel with an airline that allows a free bag. Southwest is great for this. You actually get TWO free bags!!! Score for us heavy packers. Am I right ladies!? Southwest also offers free beverages and snacks and their flights are extremely affordable. If you’re a card holder you can also rack up points just by spending money on gas. If you spend 2k on the card in the first 3 months of being accepted, you will receive 50,000 flying point. Hello college tuition and free airfare

Always pack a carry on. I am actually writing a blog about what I keep in my carry on bag with another “don’t forget “ printable checklist. But always remember that all electronics should go in your carry on if you’re checking a bag. They aren’t gentle with luggage so it’s definitely not worth it to have a broken laptop over a light carry on purse.

Bring something warm. My arms and hands tend to get the coldest on any and ever flight. My body takes FOREVER to warm back up too. Ry says it’s his feet that are always cold. Always pack a light jacket just to wear incase your short and can't reach the air vent like myself. HAHA. But for me, Tory Burch flip flops for life!!!

Netflix actually allows you to download movies! All you have to do is go into your Netflix app and it will say next to search “ downloads" and then click "find available downloads" and it will bring up a huge list. All those can be downloaded to your device and used while in airplane mode. Such a great way to pass time on a long flight.

Track the time!! This has been a life saver for me when I get antsy... lol. When the flight attendant is giving all those safety tips, at the very end she will tell you how long the flight is expected to be. Pull out the timer on your phone and keep track of how much longer your flight is expected to be.

BONUS!!! Verb bars are so popular right now. I’m allergic to most, but these are great options to keep in your purse or carry on as a filling snack to take with you on flights. I know these have caffeine in them, as well as nutritional value. I first heard about these bars from Amanda West over on Instagram known as @almostready_blog. Amanda is so good, I know you’ll love her. She has a great deal where you’ll get to try 3 bars for free! You’ll only pay for shipping.

What’s your best travel tip?

Well that’s all for now friends!!! I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t get about the printable for you, and as always, let’s connect!!

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