July Favorites

Good morning & welcome August! ( Fall is basically in the air now... right!?) I LOVE new starts! Sundays, mornings, and new months! New intentions, and what better way to do that not only on a new month, but also a new moon! I recently, through the inspiration of my friends, started learning about the planets and how each correlate with one another! Last month we were in Mercury Retrograde. Meaning if it can go wrong, then it will... A couple signs that Retrograde was happening was often a miscommunication in your relationships or work life, being more forgetful, technological issues and spending past your means. ( I can say... guiltyyyy!) But lucky for you, you are reading this once it has all ended. On July 31, at 11:11pm, new moon is in full swing and it is the time to set your new, better intention!!

ANYWAY, back to the point of this blog post! July flew by, but if you remember, I promised myself in January to try something new every month and I am standing true to that! I have tried a plethora of amazing products from new drinks, clothes, and beauty products I can not wait for you to try out! Lets get started! 1. IV Fluid I am SUPER new to using this... like two days new. Ryan and I both have been trying it out and so far so good! Apparently, one bottle of this stuff is equivalent to three bottles of water! I was reading the reviews, and this stuff is super popular in Colorado. So, definitely give it a shot and let me know if you try it out.

2. Sojo sunnies OOh baby these bad boys are SASSY. I feel like I am one of those girls with their life together and while it is all an act, I can play it! These gorgeous sunnies sit so comfortably on my face and have a strong grip that does not allow them to slide down. (even in this unbearable AZ heat)

3. Pixi Skin tonic I got this in my Ipsy bag last month and I am officially addicted. I think that is the point of Ipsy... to get you obsessing over a $15 bottle product. My skin is glowing and I really suggest everyone try this product out at least once!

3. Revive Day Serum Okay, this one is only $6 at TJ Maxx and worth every dang penny! While not as expensive, this product works in feeding your skin the vital Vitamin C + Peptides used to brighten your skin while evening out your skin tone; helping to encourage a tighter, lift to your skin!

4. Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion An age defying exfoliator. This product works better than almost any other exfoliator I have ever used. I can feel it deep in my skin where most other products are just on the surface. This product works in renewing skin radiance, helps diminish the look of fine lines, polishes and smoothes the skin. I can see an immediate difference in not only the way my skin feels, but looks after using the product!

5. Tarte Foundation My last beauty fav is this amazing foundation. I know I am SO late to the game. But I was so hooked on other foundations that started making my skin look grainy and just plain dirty. This foundation is everything in a small bottle with purple palm leaves all over! Even my skin in pictures look better. I can not say enough amazing things about this product!

That's all for now friends. I would love to learn about the products you have been loving by leaving a comment below!

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