My Go to SunScreen / Products

Hi there friends!!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and protecting your skin too!!

Let's just start by saying that I love to look tan. I usually reach for the SPF 70 to protect my skin (I know my dermatologist and mother are so happy reading that) and get a spray tan as it is a safer way to go!

If you know me, then you know that I have the worlds most sensitive skin. I live in and out of the dermatologist office and have the scars to show it. I have come to learn that tan skin in cute, but so is a spray tan, sis!

Now living in Arizona, I spend a lot of time in the sun, but I am not ready to have that stop my roll of love to be outside! Here are some of my quick grabs at the store when it comes to Sunscreen! Ryan loves, and I mean loves oils - haha... so we have a ton of those!

Now if you have ever tried the Neutrogena Sunscreen, holy guac its great! One of my girlfriends actually keeps it close in her purse!! But unfortunately I forgot it back in Colorado so it was not photographed. :( Time to make a Target run myself!

If you saw my Instagram story this morning, you know that I so badly want to love The Fox Tan, however, they have ingredients in there products that I am allergic to! I did give it to a girlfriend, and she is going to try to out and give us her review, so until then we wait!