Life Update

Wow, Hello! It has been a minute. A lot has happened and I am so excited to share this with you!

This is going to be a long blog, so if you are just more interested in the pictures, scroll on down!

Basically in a nutshell, I moved!! Yay! This experience has actually been so so amazing. In the short time I have been out of my parents house I already feel like I have learned a lot and of course still have a lot more to learn, and I have come to terms that, that is OK! No matter how well prepared I felt, I was not! I literally panicked. My first panic attack ever. I was laying in bed, crying and sweating, felt like I wanted to get out of my own skin and go sit outside in the cold Colorado night. I called Ryan super late basically questioning every single thing I was about to do. Was I ready to leave my childhood home and not only move out, but leave the state? Thats so huge! But hey, I did it! I concurred so many fears big and small in the week I have been here and I am so proud of myself. I learned my own way around a new city. I drove to the airport and took some friends to another city. ( if you know me, you know that is huge!!) I also have worked my butt off trying to find a job and its actually working. I have only been here for four days so far and I already have three job interviews!

I am looooving the palm trees. There is a lot of cactus here too but the apartment is full of palm trees it makes me so happy! I also love that the heat. I know contrary to popular belief I might regret it when it gets to 115 degrees but right now I am happy! I wake up, hit the gym and then spend the rest of the day at the pool or running around with Ryan. I love it!

I also adore that we can take night walks to the store and grab some groceries to make for dinner. Tonight we headed over to Safeway and grabbed some flavored noodles and chicken to come back and cook up some dinner. Literally what dream am I living!

What I really am enjoying here is that they have these electric scoters all over town so if you are out walking and pass by one, you register is with your phone and then you pay .15 cents a minute to ride it within the boundaries. So you could essentially go to the grocery store and then drop the scooter back off at one of the drop off locations. How neat is that. Yesterday night we did it for 40 minutes and it was only $6. Such a neat feature to this town!

To end this long blog, I have finally accepted a job at the local Victoria Secret in my new area and I am so SO thrilled for this new change!