Summer Picks with Vineyard Vines

The preppy lifestyle has always fascinated me. I lived in Colorado and grew up in a very small town so I did not live in a very preppy area, but I definitely surrounded myself with these aspects in places I could. Growing up I would buy from brands like Lauren James, Southern Comfort, and my favorite Vineyard Vines. This company perfectly portrays the southern, preppy lifestyle for both men and women I was longing for! To date as far back as middle school, I was searching high and low on the website. The closest store to me is about 70 miles so I was not always the easiest drive per say. Now can you imagine my excitment when I found out they were doing a collaboration with Target. Literally in LOVE!

To the point of this blog, Lets get to the basics of my summer picks from Vineyard Vines!

A good swimsuit is a pure must for having a confident summer! This adorable swimmie on one shoulder might be in favor with the desired tan lines but is so cute and would look adorable for a day on the boat!!

Along with a swimsuit comes a must cover up. It wasn't actually until recently did I love having a coverup to just throw into a bag. I always just wore my over-sized middle school choir T-shirt.

As far as tops go, the Flutter Stripped Sleeve top is so darling and absolutely precious! I love the detailing and think it is just perfect for a day out and day dates!

As far as accessories go, the Basket Weave Earrings are the exact statement to totally dress up any outfit!

And of course, how could I not finish this post off with the famous Logo Tee that Vineyard is so known for!!

What are your favorite brands??

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