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Lately I have been trying to get out of shell of things I do and constantly buy with trying new things and products! I feel like I have a lot of new things right now that I am loving, and instead of waiting to put those into a specific category, I wanted to just write a random love blog!!

If it is Coconut oil, I am here for it whatever that may be. Ryan makes the best home-made popcorn with coconut oil and MY OH MY I LOVE IT! so when I saw a coconut make up remover I knew I needed to give it a try. Most make up removers hurt my eyes or dry out my skin and I will say this does not! Remember though that this is not a face wash and I do recommend using this and then wash your face after with just a good face soap and water!

Fake lashes have also been on the list of loves. I really really want to get the lash extensions but $180 for a full set and $80 every two weeks does not fit well into my minimum wage extreme part time job. I just use either the Ulta lashes, or just simply Walmart! I use a latex glue and just apply straight to my lashes but I know at ultra they recommend squeezing onto the back of your hand and running your lashes through that glue, however works for me, just make sure that you have good amount on each end of the lash! At Ulta if you buy a pair of lashes there, they will sit with you and teach you how to put them on. Kinda like when we learned to put contacts in haha.

Bed Head Dry Shampoo. Honestly I often switch... like every time I go to buy more I use a different one but this one smells AMAZING

Buxom lip gloss, holy HELLO great lips! I got this in my Ipsy box and just loooove it! It makes you lips plumper and flirty.

Brush cleaner - I just recently started using this and its weirdly satisfying watching your make up rinse out haha. Weirdo

Pecan turtle cookies currently have my hearttttt, I love them!! Just recently finding out I am no longer allergic to them has changed my life!!

Whats a random thing you are loving right now?? I would love to try it!

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