5 Favorites in California

Okay wow, can we just one agree that California is STUNNING and two just make it known that I am really ready to live there. Like really really ready. Ryan and I spent about five days in California and everyday having so much to do and such an adventure to go on. Watching Ryan show me his passions was so much fun too. We beach hoped, saw some family, ate at such cute, unfamiliar resuraunts and just seeing such the beautiful sites. Narrow my five favorites was so hard. The amount of things that we did and got to experience was amazing and absolutely astonishing!! 1. The beaches I have not been to very many beaches, I have heard that the beaches in Florida are much warmer, however, living in Colorado we do have much "beaches" here haha... or at all so just the fact that so much is on the water is ugh!!! We went to Santa Monica and that pier was so fun! During the day we walked it and just the site of the water was something out of my norm. I was truly speechless. Now lets talk about Santa Monica AT NIGHT ahhh!! They have the Farris wheel, little funnel cakes, its a small fair on a pier! Manhattan beach was fun! The area itself was gorgeous and a site I could not get over. I kept thinking how amazing it would be to live in those houses lining the sand, run the walk with the pup in the morning, get some coffee, take some exercise classes. SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM!!! That peir was small and did not have as much on it as Santa Monica, but at the end of the pier was a little two story aquarium with real Marine life and inside it shows how long everyday items take to biodegrade and that was quite eye opening! Venice beach was probably my second favorite. The peir was packed with shopping and they did not hand out bags! I did notice this about a lot of California though, at target they charge you for bags! Anyway, for lunch this day Ryan and I had lunch here, and the life out there was amazing! Everyone is walking their dogs, out jogging, riding their bikes, renting scooters ( which is actually a huge vibe.) and then at the end of the pier actual water viewing. I guess I am baised on this one, but Newport was my favorite and that is where Ryan and I have decided we want to live. Newport was so fun! Ryan cousins and I got frozen banana's and walked the docs for boats. There was so many cute tourist shops and little life aspects that I loved! 2. USS Iowa battleship In San Pedro they have a real life battleship used to fight in WW2 and the history learned on this ship is astonishing. I kept telling Ryan that schools have this amazing resources, I hope that when they teach this in class they take the students for a field trip out there. It was so touching to have learned something in class but they and actually have gotten to self-tour the actual real life ship. On this ship you get to learn where Teddy Rosevelt was during this time, where he stayed, and a tribute to everyone who lost their lives serving on this ship. 3. Food If you are like me and like to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle then hello California is calling your name. The amount of Juice places and exercise companies that are on every street corner is so... honestly inspiring haha. But the juice was not only the great food in California, I LOVE Mexican food, and ironically LA Is the number city for Mexican food. Ryan and I went to an adorable little place across from our resturaunt and this place was so good you guys. Ryan strongly dislikes Mexican food and he enjoyed the breakfast burrito we split it was great. Now of course we have the in-n-out that California is known for. I am so allergic to everything so to me it was just another burger because I could not use the famous sauce but Ryan was in love of course. We ate there three times. In Colorado the only real lemonade place we have is the Pikes Peak Lemonade stand on the strip of downtown shops. I loved that In California literally on every street was the famous lemonade we see all over Pinterest and instagram it was so fun! 4. Universal Now if this was not on the list, did I actually go to California? When we were there there was actually a show premier going on that we did not know about. We were unfamiliar with the show but it was so cool to see how many people came out to support. We ate a late lunch at the hard rock cafe and wow so delicious!! Universal was adorable and again a ton of shops 5. LA Kings games okay okay okay I am a hockey girl and that is NO surprise. I grew up in a hockey family so of course this is on the list. These games were so much fun. To begin if you have been to a professional hockey game you will understand, but when the home team scores and lout horn will go off, now at most arenas they have a recording of the horn but in LA they have the real deal and no recording so IT WAS LOUD. This was to a child friendly place to say. But wow it was fun! Bailey the mascot had so much energy and so much vibe. We were able to go to two games and the first game Ryan got us VIP access tickets so we literally were catered to at this game it was fun haha! But there you have it! California was absolutely stunning and I am so excited to go back! Comment below and let me know what your favorite things to do in California are! Lets connect!!! Instagram: missmorganpappas Twitter: missmorganpapp