Winter Favorites

While winter is great and all, I definitely realized as we went from summer, to fall, to winter, to spring 2.0 to fall 2.0 to a day of summer and then a blizzard...( ;) Hello there Colorado!! ) I am such a summer gal. Shorts, longer nights, walking to my car without freezing or needing my inhaler. The list could continue and I could sit here and chat your ear off about that, or just accept the fact that I am living in Colorado and here, we are getting the snow and cold! That being said, here is what I did this winter to stay sane during the snowy months! 1.Beanies: I have always loved beanies, but it was not until this year that I really realized how much I LOVED beanies. Dont want to wash your hair? Beanie. Washed your hair but do not want to fix it? Beanie. Need a cute winter accessory? Beanie. With being in a hockey rink 24/7 I really got my use of these cutie's this winer and love love loved them. 2. Origins face cream A lot of Origins products have been my life savers this winter that I want to write a whole separate blog about my love for a very specifics on some. Okay, get to know me moment. Underneath the make up, I have really bad excema and have red patches all over my skin, I tried every, single. lotion. Literally, everything under the sun. There are two things I found really helped me with it. 1. Make a Difference Origins face cream. 2.... guess you will have to read my March Favorites blog to find out what helped as well!!! 3. Fuzzy Slippers. Fuzzy socks will always have my heart, but this year I discovered my love for fuzzy slippers. They are slipper material, but in a no show sock form. Make sense? Amazing. $6 at target, I buy them for every person I know as gifts. You need to try!! Colorado winter life saver! 4. Rain Boots I recently invested in Tommy Hilfiger Rain Boots and absolute game changers. I originally wanted a pair of boots that got me from my house to the car. the car to the gym, car to work. Just a mid-way shoe. These shoes however, are comfortable, adorable, and far more than just the shoes who get me from outside to inside without soaking my feet. 5. Adaptive Puffer Jacket If you have ever visited Colorado then you know that no matter rain or shine 80 degrees or 80 feet of snow. You will always see that one guy still wearing shorts. So the necessity for your big alaskan coat is not necessary. An everyday jacket will suffice. This jacket has been my go- to for the past 2 years, yes time for a new one, but it is GREAT!!