Ways to Drink More Water

Did you know that the afternoon drowsiness is one of the later signs of dehydration? I know you probably hear it a thousand times a day, "Drink some water" but really the importance of hydrating your body and keeping water on hand is so crucial to being healthy. Signs of dehydration include: dizziness, confusion, head aches, rapid breathing and lack of energy. Now before we jump into it here, I wanted to give you a little facts about water that I learned in Biology, and what it really does to your body. To start, our bodies have what we refer to as homeostasis. In the simplest term this means that all our pH levels are normal. When we feel sick, not well, or just a little ill, that can sometimes mean that our bodies has been neglected of adequate amounts of pH ( and I am sure other things) so our homeostasis ( our bodies normal level) is not being reached and secured. (when we learned about this, I thought for sure cookies had to been good for me because baking soda is only pH, allowing our baked goods to even out. So my body is benefitting from cookies right?) LOL. But thats why we see ourselves constantly rushing for Alkaselter when starting to feel ill! However, the water in pH. is crucial as well. ( I am one of those water snob freaks I'm sorry) The pH. scale goes from 1-14, anything above seven is exceptional. It goes like this to show you that I really did learn something in Bio. 1-7 is acidic and not the best tasting. (now you know why your water sometimes has that iron taste.) and 7-14 which is referred to as base or alkaline. We want a base pH. Most water companies will advertise their pH level on the bottle if its high enough to be proud of. The highest water with pH. levels is the Kardashian famous, Alkaline water. This water does taste amazing too though. It is famous for the neutralizing of the acid in our bodies. A normal pH for water is around 7, but Alkaline water is known for pH of 8 or 9. ( So when feeling ill reach for the water!!) To break down, here is the pH of other waters: Fiji : 7.7 Voss: 6 Smart water: 7.2 This isn't a post just about me rambling on about why you should drink water, I want to provide you with ways to increase your water intake! Water can be so boring sometimes! To some, the taste is just awful. (Try Fiji, iced is the best!) 1. Strawberry mint water Adds a refreshing, subtle taste to your water. The mint though really enhances all that flavor! Also makes it look a little cuter! 2. Lemon water Other than the amazing benefits of lemon water, it also tastes great. I do have to say though, it can be almost an acquiring taste, especially if you're drinking it without any sweeter. Also, don't leave the lemon in there for hours and hours or your water will have quite the sour taste! 3. Cucumber water: This water always making me think of the Spa because they have those pitchers or cucumber water sitting everywhere you turn! It is super refreshing but there is also some extensive research about the detoxing benefits to your body. 4. Oranges and blueberries This water always remind me of a fresh Spring morning. Maybe its just the amazing taste! If you give any of these shot, let me know what your thoughts are! I would loved to hear your favorite ways to increase your water intake. Lets chat // Instagram: missmorganpappas Twitter: missmorganpapp