Mothers - Day with Kendra Scott

How is May! I know it say this in almost every single post, but seriously... time. is. flying. I love May, and I am through and through a momma's girl. So of course I am here for Mothers Day.

Not better way than to show how important your mother is to you by giving her such a meaningful gift. I will be totally honest, every single piece of jewelry you see me wear everyday and on my Instagram and stories is always Kendra Scott, from my earnings, to my ring from Ryan, Kendra is the way to go.

My favorite thing about Kendra Scott is that she not only has hundreds of beautifully crafted pieces, but she also allows you to create your own piece. That means that if you are in love with a certain stone / rock / diamond, and want a specific chain, the limit is yours ( and what she has available) but how can you resist.

I think this is also a down low knowledge, not something that is public, but you are allowed one exchange of an item for a brand new one of the same item. To kinda make that easier, I got the most stunning necklace from my friend Gabi my senior year of high school ( thank you for starting the obsession) and my sophomore year of college Ryan and I went back and they gave me a brand new one.

I did get the lecture of why you should never wear it to bed and to shower and to work out. Anyone else just as guilty as me?!

To inspire a couple ideas, my favorite pieces are some I have added to the collection recently.

Click on the pictures to be taken to the direct links to purchase these products!

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